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Hotel Hills, Yelagiri extends from a thickly forested mountain spur and have the view of deep valley. This is a place for leisure, recreation, family and corporate bonding, adventure, trekking and select a venue for conferences. This is not a just a place where “ room has a view”, but every window has a different view. Privacy and comfort are the hallmark of every room in Hotel Hills. Hotel Hills is a boutique hotel overlooking the imposing and rugged hills of Yelagiri. The Hotel enjoys a spectacular view of botanical garden with park as far as the eye can see and captures nature at its very best. The Hotel offers unique and exotic experience for those who want to go get away from it to all relax and unwind. Hotel Hills is the one of the Luxury hotels in Yelagiri Hills .At Hotel Hills we have one of the best Well furnished Conference Hall in Yelagiri.

Hotel Hills is an innovative, socially conscious concept, a Hotel that is committed to enhancing the guest experience while setting a new standard of environmental responsibility. This is done by conserving natural resources, educating and enlightening staff, and cultivating relationship with the community-all while hosting the guest in an unparalleled atmosphere of comfort and style.

The Accomodation at Hotel Hills at Boat House Road, Yelagiri Hills is managed by Orchid Groups. We are committed to excellence and understand, from our own experience, the needs of those staying away from home.

We are Committed to excellence, we seek to combine flexibility, quality and value for money to provide the perfect solution to the growing need for short term accommodation. Also, we try to go extra mile by anticipating your needs before they arise. Whether it be coordinating a taxi or auto pick-up , we do all we can to help.

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